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*£328 is the minimum savings of the top 10% of savers  who switched with energyhelpline in the period between 1st Jan 2021 and 30th June 2021.       

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It's all about people like you, your friends and your family coming together as a group to get a special super cheap energy deal from suppliers.

100k customers have saved money through our collectives

£10M+ has been saved by customers on their bills

Members can expect to save up to £328ˆ

What is The Community Energy Switch?

The Community Energy Switch is a collective switching scheme. A collective switching scheme uses group buying power to secure exclusive low cost energy deals from suppliers. Don’t worry, we organise the deal. All you need to do is register. Once the deal is available for switching we’ll contact you so that you can see how much you can save and choose to switch or not. There's absolutely no obligation to switch if you don't want to! 

Energy suppliers we compare include:

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How does it work? 

All you have to do is join, which is totally free. You’re simply registering your interest in an exclusive, money-saving energy deal. What we do is negotiate that deal with energy suppliers on your behalf. They all want new customers, so it’s in their interests to come up with something that can’t be missed.

Once we’ve chosen our favourite deal we’ll offer it to you. No obligation, ho hidden costs, just cheaper energy. If you want the deal then we’ll get you switched over, hassle-free.


How much will I save? 

The amount saved will vary from household to household, but our partner Energy Helpline has seen switchers save up to £328* on their annual bills. We use that as a good indicator for club members, and it’s based on several months of data. When we know the deal, we’ll be able to give you a personalised savings projection.

Is this really free? 

Yes, it’s really free. The whole process is free, from registration through to switch. Of course, you’ll still have to pay your energy bill afterwards - we can’t help with that!


Am I obligated to switch at all?

Absolutely not. You are not committing to anything, you are just registering your interest by joining our club. All it means is that you get to hear about an energy deal that won’t be available on the open market. If you want it then we can get you switched without interruption to your supply.

Can I join no matter where I live?

Yes, almost! The only exception is Northern Ireland – where we are unable to organise switching deals. Also you can invite your friends and family - as long as they register they will hear about the deal too.

When will I get the offer?

Registration closes on the 8th September 2021, and we’ll start offering our favourite deal from the 9th September 2021. It should be available to club members for around 3 weeks before the supplier takes it away.

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Mon-Fri -9am - 8pm, Sat-Sun - 9am - 5pm

Mon-Fri -9am - 8pm, Sat-Sun - 9am - 5pm

Got a question or need help?

It was extremely easy as energyhelpline did most of the work on my behalf. I would certainly recommend others to take advantage of the savings to be made by switching
- Tony,

I always look to review energy providers as and when better deals come on the market. It was very easy… and I urge people to look at switching energy providers on a regular basis
- Susan,